Carcuma North

Carcuma North History

Established since 2007

Grant and Carolyn established the Carcuma North Poll Merino Stud in 2007.  Having both grown up on stud sheep properties meant that Grant and Carolyn were passionate about producing sheep that are reliable wool and meat producers.  When the opportunity came up to purchase two age groups of stud ewes from a local retiring mallee merino stud, they jumped at the opportunity. Over the following years they have worked hard to improve the genetics and develop their flock into a reliable, durable and productive producing sheep.

When Grant’s parents, Trevor and Judith Johnson, decided to retire in 2009, they took the opportunity to continue the family’s Select Stud Poll Dorset flock, which was founded in 1956.  Due to the long involvement of breeding Poll Dorset’s, Grant and Carolyn wanted to continue the long-standing investment into the Select Stud genetics by continuing this heritage and hard work for future generations.  2010 saw the Poll Dorset’s feature for the first time at our on property auction.

In 2011 Grand and Carolyn added the White Suffolk stud, to support clients by offering both breeding and terminal rams at the one sale, to better utilise producers’ time.  We were fortunate enough to purchase a privately selected group of ewes form the highly regarded Wheetlande White Suffolk stud at Farrell Flat.

“We value and understand the importance of dual-purpose sheep in farming enterprises to secure cash flow and maximise production.” Grant Johnson

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Poll Merino
White Suffolk
Poll Dorset

Annual On-Property Ram Sale

Offering 40 Poll Merino Rams

Wednesday 4th August 2021 from 11am at Peake